Mix and Match Brite-Mat

Mix and Match Brite-Mat

Product Information

  • Product Code: 16562
  • Product Colour(s): Product colours: Black, blue, cyan, green, grey, orange, pink, warm red, white, yellow. Print colours: Black, blue, cyan, grey, orange, pink, warm red, white, yellow.
  • Product Size(s): 240 x 190 / 190 dia

Create your mix and match Brite-Mat in two simpe steps. Step 1. Select from ten standard colours for your mat background. Step 2. Select from the same ten colours for one colour print on your mat. Available in quantities as low as 25. Stunning colour reproduction. Offers 100% perfect mouse control with both optical and standard ball mice, thanks to patented technology. Hardwearding surface. Specially developed for use with optical mice. Pantone matching not available.Print area: 240 x 190 / 190 dia.

Mix and Match Brite-Mat
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